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No meetings on December 24 or December 31

Please have a happy and safe holiday season!

Our January meetings will be at DJ's Dugout, 10th & Capitol. Please use the schedule on our My Rotary page to make it easy to sign up  for these meetings. (We do ask for all members and their guests to pre-register for the January meetings.)


Featured Links

Rotary Honor Roll

School visits have finished for this fall, and in January, schools will be asked to select their Rotary Honor Roll students. Find out more at

Rotary Honor Roll Scholarship information

Metro area seniors who were an Rotary Honor Roll student in 8th grade are eligible to apply for one of six $1,500 scholarships. For 2014-15 seniors, applications are due February 9, 2015. more »


BBB Student Service of Excellence Award

Metro area 10th grade students who were an Rotary Honor Roll student in the 8th grade are eligible to apply for a BBB Student Service of Excellence Award. For 2014-15 sophomores, applications are due March 2, 2015.  more »

Next Meeting

Youth Exchange

Location: DJ's Dugout, 10th & Capitol
Wednesday, January 07, 2015
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

Find out more about Rotary's Youth Exchange Program and help decide our club's future in the program.

Lunch cost today: $15*
*cash price: active members receive $4 discount; credit card price $1 more per person


Our meetings are on Wednesdays, from noon to 1 PM.  They are usually held  at the Field Club of Omaha, 3615 Woolworth, Omaha, Nebraska.  Map it »»

Check out our redesigned Calendar page for upcoming programs for speakers and possible changes in location. more »
In case of bad weather, the Rotary Club of Omaha will cancel its meeting if the Omaha Public Schools are closed for weather issues. We will also post the meeting cancellation on the front page of our website at